From Amazon (Tambopata National Reserve), Peru
There was a place on my bucket list, Amazon Rainforest. Of course, nowadays there are more tourist-friendly options to do it without not putting lives in danger and still seeing a bit of jungle.
When in Peru, I spent a couple of days at the Tambopata National Reserve. It is located south of the Madre de Dios River, in the region of Tambopata, Madre de Dios. It reaches the border with Bolivia to the east and Bahuaja Sonene National Park to the south. Just 30 minutes from Puerto Maldonado (which you can get to by plane as I did), it is the most visited place in the reserve, its shores are covered with palm trees which are home to macaws, and can be toured by boat.
Staying at the EcoAmazonia Lodge (as seen above) in the middle of the reserve provides guests with secluded bungalows that blend into the surrounding jungle. And the jungle is hot, humid, and full of bugs, but well worth visiting to see it for yourself:
There are plenty of monkeys in the jungle, but you will find a lot of other animals like this giant snail. It was the size of my hand. As the lodge was on the Rio Madre De Dios river, we took the boat in the evening to go across the water to explore the jungle with a local guide. Evenings very really beautiful with some amazing sky.
This is our shore where the lodge was located, the perfect place to relax by the river and listen to the sounds coming from the jungle.
One morning there was a rainbow after the rain stopped. Since it’s Amazon it’s always hot and humid there, it is either raining or sunshine blasting from the sky. A very magical place, far from everything.
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